Indirect gas heated tunnel oven

The Sveba Dahlen indirect fired gas tunnel oven offers a unique flexibility and can produce most kinds of bread products.

Features & Benefits

Separate burners for top and bottom heat
By using separate burners for top and bottom heat the oven becomes more easy to regulate and the oven also reacts much faster. This way the oven is much more flexible compared to a traditional single burner oven.


Each zone in the oven is controlled independently of eachother since the temperature is set in each zone just like in an electrically heated oven. There is no need to regulate the oven by use of dampers. 


Energy efficient
Since the oven only heats the zone that is needing for more heat it is very energy efficient.


A traditional oven cannot be run if the burner goes out, with our oven its still possible to produce since we use multiple burners. This makes the oven very reliable.