Why Sveba Dahlen?

Sveba Connect - A recipe for successful baking

Want to increase your profitability and strengthen your brand while at the same time ensuring the quality of your bread? Sveba Connect can help you with that! By using modern technology and connected ovens in the Sveba Connect cloud service solution, you can access a wide range of tools designed to give you full control of your baking – all the way, all the time, and all you want.
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From steel to oven

We believe in high-performing, energy efficient, qualitative and user friendly equipment and manufacture most of our machinery in the factory in Fristad, Sweden. We also have one production plant in Estonia and one in Denmark. We carefully develop our machines, taking into account everything from environment and overall economy to ergonomics, without compromising on quality – all to achieve the most successful baking! Follow the exciting journey from steel to finished oven!
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Glimek Induline – for an easier everyday life!

Induline is one of our Industrial Breadlines which is designed for continual bread processing and made of high quality materials that ensures excellent baking results. Flexible production, consistent production and labour saving! Induline bakes up to 3000 pieces/hour.
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Your partner in successful baking

In the last year, Sveba Dahlen has developed a new brand strategy. One of the steps in our rebranding efforts has been to produce the film Sveba Dahlen – Your Partner in Successful Baking. The film takes us through the entire production process, from product development and design to delivery of the finished machine. The intention of the film is to reflect the company’s business philosophy. It illustrates how we carefully develop our machines, taking into account everything from environment and overall economy to ergonomics, and how we endeavor that we create user-friendly products without compromising on quality. We also want to show that in developing the baking machines of the future, our focus is on producing the best baking results and the most exemplary pastries.
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Sveba Dahlen - Simply for world-class pizzas

Every day in over 100 countries, at the pizza parlor, in the Supermarket and at the restaurant, Sveba Dahlen is involved in people's pizzas. The P-Series Pizza oven fulfills all requirements of a pizza restaurant with high standards of the product. The P-Series come in not less than 14 different sizes and three colours. Choose between steel, red or black. Welcome to the perfect world of pizzas!
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Exhibition calendar

13.11.2019 - 16.11.2019
20.11.2019 - 23.11.2019
South Korea
Fastfood & Cafe
29.01.2020 - 30.01.2020
Modern Bakery 2020
17.03.2020 - 20.03.2020
Expocenter Moscow
17.10.2020 - 20.10.2020
Messe, Stuttgart